Guatemala Global Internship

Spend 3 months, 6 months or an entire year participating in the Nexus Missions Global Internship in beautiful Santa Cruz, Guatemala. Lend a hand by teaching children, studying the bible with small Guatemalan house churches and mobilizing Christians.


Poverty is without a doubt one of the largest problems facing Guatemala at the present. We are happy to see that many organizations are working hard to help with the acute effects of poverty (hunger, lack of sufficient clothing or shelter). We feel that the best way in which we can help is education. We believe that providing education and training that equips young people for a brighter future is the best long-term plan.

Part of your internship will be spent ministering to the needs of orphans in Guatemala. You will take part in work projects, help with vocational training as well as spend quality time doing things like playing soccer or other games.

Church Planting Movements

Modeling what is written about in 2 Timothy 2:2, you will be involved in helping the spread of Church Planting Movements in Guatemala. A portion of your internship will be spent equipping indigenous leaders with the skills to facilitate a successful Church Planting Movement.

First, you’ll spend time observing local house churches and attend training. Then, you’ll work alongside some amazing Guatemalan house church leaders. Last, you will become the trainer! You will help to train the next generation of house church leaders!

Be a Part of the Team

Join in the vision of Nexus Missions, to be a connection:

  • between Christ and those who don’t know Him
  • between Christians and the unreached around the world
  • between children and a brighter future

Our hope is not to be anyone’s savior, but to point them to Jesus Christ.

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With scholarships and dollar-for-dollar donation matching, the Nexus Missions Guatemala Global Internship is one of the most affordable internships available. We don’t want cost to be an obstacle that keeps you from experiencing this amazing cross-cultural opportunity.

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