Family Mission Trips

Spend 1-2 weeks with your family participating in a Nexus Missions Guatemala Family Mission Trip in beautiful Santa Cruz, Guatemala. Lend a hand at The Nexus Institute, in a Guatemalan public school, or evangelizing in small local communities. Participants of all ages are welcome.


Poverty is without a doubt one of the largest problems facing Guatemala at the present. We are happy to see that many organizations are working hard to help with the acute effects of poverty (hunger, lack of sufficient clothing or shelter). We feel that the best way in which we can help is education. We believe that providing education and training that equips young people for a brighter future is the best long-term plan.

Based on this belief we have founded The Nexus Institute. The Institute is an after school program that focuses on 3 core areas: Biblical training, English training, and computer training. It is our desire to develop well rounded young adults who can succeed in achieving their dreams. Help us equip them to do just that.


Local Schools

We love what’s happening with The Nexus Institute. We are expanding our reach each day, but unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to offer free classes to each and every student in the community. Fortunately however, the local public school has asked us to teach English to all of it’s elementary and middle school students. In this way we get to provide one aspect of The Nexus Institute to each of Santa Cruz La Laguna’s young students.


Local Outreach

During your stay in Guatemala you can take part in local evangelistic outreach. Using activities like street dramas, sports and music you can engage local youth. If you would like, you are welcome to invite a few people to an evening event (cookout, movie, sporting event etc…) with your family.

In the evening we can assist you in hosting a fun event for your invited guests. You can get to know them better and learn about their culture in a more one-on-one setting. If you would like we can facilitate a group discussion about beliefs, allowing people in the community an opportunity to learn about Christ. We will follow up with them after the event to ensure that the discussion continues.

Kids Welcome


We are excited to invite you to bring your children and experience a new culture together.

While most mission trips are geared toward high school or older participants, we are proud to offer family trips that allow you to introduce new experiences to your children. Our area of Guatemala is safe and fun for all ages. We firmly believe that all children should be exposed to differing cultures from a young age. We guarantee that they will go home with a much larger appreciation for what they have.

While there is plenty of work involved, there is also a large amount of fun to be had! We invite your family to come enjoy a week with our Nexus Mission family.

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Our all-inclusive trips cover everything you need during your stay in Guatemala:

  • Airfare to Guatemala*
  • Transportation to and from the airport upon arrival in Guatemala
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Three healthy meals per day
  • Ministry costs included for all small projects
  • 1 day of fun on the lake (options include kayaking, hiking, zip lining, cooking classes, weaving classes, boat tours and more)
  • Transportation to all ministry opportunities

All for $1500 per adult (16+) and $1000 for kids (3-15). Children 2 and under are free (provided they can fly for free on the lap of an adult).

Everything is included aside from spending money for souvenirs or other extras you may desire.
*Airfare cost must be less than $800USD per person. If flights from your region are higher the prices will be adjusted to accommodate for the extra cost.

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